Same price for CNG, Octane recommended

Same price for CNG, Octane recommended

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:56:26

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources recommended the same price for Octane and compressed natural gas (CNG) by increasing CNG price.

The committee also proposed for more subsidies on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to increase the use of LPG at households.

The committee came up with recommendations after a meeting held recently in the city. 

At the meeting, participants said; people are being inspired to use CNG in their vehicles that lessen environment pollution and more use of vehicle. But it has increased pressures of vehicle on roads.

CNG price had increased two times during the last Grand Alliance government, but which did not reach at the level of alternative fuels – petrol and octane. As a result, owners of the CNG-run vehicles are not being inspired in saving the fuel that increases waste of natural resources.

To come out of this circle, it is essential to fix the prices of CNG and Octane at similar level, recommended the committee.

The committee also discussed on the waste of gas at households, several surveys of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited were presented on the matter there.

The committee reached at a census to increase the gas price to make it equal to the LGP and suggested for more subsidies on LPG to increase its usages.

The committee fixed seven dos including formulation of fuel saving policy and law to lessen gas waste.

Petrobangla chairman Dr Hossain Mansur told , issue of gas waste has been focused on several surveys.

He went on saying, many people waste gas as they are getting it in low price whereas some people have to buy LPG at higher price that discourages many to buy it.

Issue of price coordination on LPG and pipeline gas has been discussed for long, Mansur added.
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