Sonali Bank sues Paragon Group

Sonali Bank sues Paragon Group

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:38:33

Sonali Bank filed a money loan case against Paragon Printing and Packaging Limited for realizing around TK 8-crore.

On behalf of the Sonali Bank, its executive officer Abdus Salam filed the case with money loan court at 1100am Thursday.

After filing the case, he told that Paragon is one the six organizations which were involved in loan scam of Hallmark, largest one of the country’s history.

Paragon Printing and Packaging Limited, its managing director Saiful Islam Raja and director Abdullah Al Mamun were made defendant of the case.

Jahangir Hossain, one of the main lawyers of Sonali Bank, confirmed the matters.

Earlier, Sonali Bank filed 15 cases against Hallmark to realize TK 1600-crore.
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