Firoza Begum critically ill

Firoza Begum critically ill

September 08, 2014     Published Time : 13:37:31

Famous Nazrul singer Firoza Begum

Famous Nazrul singer Firoza Begum has been admitted to Apollo Hospitals of the capital in critical condition.

Doctors said that her heart and kidney are not working normally. Besides, she is suffering from jaundice.

The doctors said they are trying their best for the recovery of the songster, but her body is not responding to the treatment and her condition is deteriorating. 

Firoza Begum's son Hamin Ahmed at about 1126am said over phone that she was admitted at the same hospital last week. She was taken back to her home as she recovered on Wednesday.

But as she again fell sick, she was admitted to the hospital on Friday.

Firoza Begum is now being treated under the supervision of Doctor Krishna Mohan Sahu and Mujibur Rahman.

Hamin Ahmed asked everyone to pray for his mother's recovery. 
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