Novartis appoints ADL as distribution partner

Novartis appoints ADL as distribution partner

September 16, 2014     Published Time : 12:41:26

Novartis Bangladesh Ltd has appointed Aquamarine Distribution Ltd (ADL) as the exclusive distribution partner to distribute one of their flagship products WON Mosquito Repellent Lotion, a press release says.

Managing Director of Novartis Bangladesh Ltd Nahar Mahmud and Managing Director & CEO, MGH Group Anis Ahmed signed an agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

ADL has the strength in the pharmaceuticals distribution with the help of its state of the art distribution network across the nation comprising of 17 branches located at different bustling points of Bangladesh.

Having considered Novartis’s commitment towards improving the lives of its consumers, ADL has also committed to serve its consumers even to the remotest corner of the country, the release said.

It also said that ADL will ensure so that Novartis’s customers can avail the product on demand with the same uncompromised quality.
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