PM to land ministry Be careful in digitizing land records

PM to land ministry Be careful in digitizing land records

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:51:48

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has advised the authorities concerned to be careful in digitizing the land records and survey management.

The PM told the land ministry officials during her visit to the ministry on Thursday morning.

She said that country’s most of the court cases have been created with land-related issues. These cases run for years after years, even after generations.

So, the land ministry officials should be more careful in digitizing the documents, she added.

She requested all to use land properly as the number of population has gradually been increasing.

We should increase food production as well as to ensure education. As our country is smaller in size, we should manage our land with a planned way, she advised.

She also advised to avoid establishing factories in fertile land.

Land minister Shamsur Rahaman Sherif, state minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, ministry’s senior secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam and other ministry officials were present at the program.
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