Twitter tests shopping service

Twitter tests shopping service

September 10, 2014     Published Time : 12:46:46

Twitter is taking its users shopping.Though, its "Buy" button is only available now for a small percentage of U.S. users, but the company said that will increase, reports the abc news on Tuesday.

However, the report said that the short messaging service began testing a "Buy" button Monday that lets some of its users make purchases or donate money to charities without leaving Twitter.

Initial partners include music stars Eminem and Brad Paisley, retailers Home Depot and Burberry and nonprofits The Nature Conservancy and GLAAD, they said.

After clicking the "Buy" button, users are asked to enter their address and credit card information. The order is then sent to the merchant for delivery. The company said in a blog post that users' personal information will be encrypted and saved on Twitter so that they can buy things again without re-entering their information.

The shopping feature comes as the San Francisco-based company tries to increase its user base and revenue, most of which comes from advertising. It had 271 million average monthly users at the end of June, up 24 percent from a year earlier.

Facebook, which has more than 1.3 billion users, started testing its own "Buy" button in July.
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