Sayedee Verdict No chance for review petition AG

Sayedee Verdict No chance for review petition AG

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 19:54:08

Attorney General (AG) Mahbubey Alam on Wednesday said there is no opportunity left for war crimes convict Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee to file review petition on the Supreme Court’s verdict.

Alam was talking to the journalists in a post-verdict reaction in the court premises.

He said, so far I know that the act will not allow Sayedee to file review petition.

On the verdict, the AG said, my expectation was the death sentence; I hoped the ICT verdict would be kept upheld but it wasn’t and I felt sad for this.

Alam said that as per the verdict, the convicted person will have to stay in prison till the biological death. He was awarded the punishment for torturing women and rape them, forcing them convert to Islam in Pirojpur. Through the verdict his mask is unveiled.

Meanwhile, Sayedee’s son Masud Sayedee told , they did not get fair judgment. Sayedee is innocent. They will go for filling review petition upon receiving the full copy of verdict.

Masud was talking when he came out of courtroom following the delivery of the verdict.

On Wednesday, the apex commuted the death sentence of Sayedee in 2 charges of crimes against humanity during the 1971 Liberation War differing the International Crimes Tribunal’s sentence of death penalty to him.
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