ATM Azhar verdict anyday

ATM Azhar verdict anyday

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:50:54

The International Crimes Tribunal -1 on Thursday said that it will deliver the verdict on the war crimes case against Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General ATM Azharul Islam at a later date.

The three-member tribunal led-by justice M Enayetur Rahim on Thursday passed the order.

Earlier in the day, the tribunal recorded dlosing law-point arguments from both sides in the trial of the 1971 war crimes allegedly perpetrated ATM Azhar.

Later, the court kept the judgment ‘CAV’ (curia advisari vult or reserving the judgement until a later time).

Prosecutor Jead Al Malum placed concluding arguments on Thursday.  

A total of six allegations, including abduction, confinement, torture, killing, conspiracy and genocide were brought against ATM Azhar.


1. Azhar was “directly’ involved in abduction of National Awami Party (NAP-Bhashani) leader and one of the organisers of the Liberation War AY Mahfuz Ali alias Jarrej Mia and 11 others between March 24 and March 27, and torture for several days.

All the detainees were shot dead at Dakhiganj Cremation Ground in Rangpur town on April 3, 1971.

2. A total of 15 unarmed Bangalees of Dhap Para in Badarganj were shot dead on April 16, 1971 and houses of the village were torched after looting. Azhar was “involved” in these atrocities.

3. Azhar was “involved” in killing over 1,200 unarmed Bangalees of Jharuar Beel of Badarganj were killed on April 17, 1971.

4. Azhar was “involved” in the abduction and killing of four professors of Rangpur Carmichael College and the wife of one of them. They were abducted from their houses on the college campus and shot dead near Damdama Bridge on April 30, 1971.

5. Azhar was “involved’ in torturing a person of Gupta Para at Rangpur town in mid-November.

6. On December 1, 1971, another person was abducted from Betpatti of the town and was tortured in confinement in the Muslim Hostel of Rangpur College.

Investigation agency quizzed Azhar at ‘Safe Home’ on February 11 this year.

Azhar was allegedly involved in the crimes against humanity including murder, rape, torture and confinement.

On August 22 in 2012, he was arrested from his Moghbazar residence in the noon on charge of crimes against humanity during liberation war in 1971.

Earlier in the morning, the tribunal issued arrest warrant against ATM Azharul Islam for crimes against humanity during liberation war in 1971.
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