Fahmida’s ‘Existences Delineated’ at DAC

Fahmida’s ‘Existences Delineated’ at DAC

September 07, 2014     Published Time : 15:14:14

A ten-day art exhibition titled ‘Existences Delineated!’ by Canada expatriate Bangladeshi artist Fahmida Urmi Hossain is being held at Dhaka Art Center in city’s Dhanmondi area.

In her 6th show, Fahmida presents her most recent multidisciplinary works of paintings with photography, video and installation.

She has kept 17 paintings, 17 photographs, 2 installations and two video installations in the display.

There are more in the gallery including data presentation about child marriage on media player and a more installation symbolizing marriage.

The artist, who is totally engaged in her work with existing progeny that confront modern occidental society such as child marriage, creates a black chamber with a small hole to see outside from inside.

Aiming to create some critical awareness on this progeny Fahmida asks viewers to spend few moments inside that chamber and try to relay the sense of captivity, deprive from desire and suffocation like the child marriage victims, which could allow the viewers to sense their plight and express them on piece of paper mural beside through writing or drawing.

Inaugurated on August 30 by Canada high commission Heather Cruden, the ceremony was attended by Rafiqun Nabi and Monirul Islam as special guests.

Acid Survivors Foundation executive director Selina Ahmed, Musfiqa Iffat, Mir Moshiour Rahman and Monzur Ahme were present as guests at the ceremony. Faruq Faisal animated the opening ceremony.

Fahmida Urmi Hossain, a Dhaka born Bangladeshi-Canadian visual artist, lives in Montréal. She had several solo and group exhibitions, biennales, national and international shows in Canada, Japan, Iran, Nepal, UK and UAE and received honour.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts. She obtained 9th position in drawing and painting department at the Institute of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka.

She is also an active member as a Professional Visual Artist of Québec and RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV). This socio-active artist seeks a delicate balance between art and life.

Fahmida’s show will remain open from 300pm to 800pm till September 8.


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