SA Chowdhury new Janata Bank chairman

SA Chowdhury new Janata Bank chairman

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:33:53

Government has appointed Sirajuddin Ahmed Chowdhury as new chairman and director of directorial body of Janata Bank Limited for next five years.

The Bank and Financial Institutions Division of the Ministry of Finance issued a circular on Wednesday some eight days after the post fell vacant.

The circular asked the bank’s chief executive officer and the managing director (MD) to take necessary measures in this regard according to the Bank Company (Amendment) Act, 2013.

Prior to that, they were asked to take approval from Bangladesh Bank, country’s central bank.


Sirajuddin served as chairman at state-owned Bangladesh Krishi Bank and as chief executive officer at state-owned Sonali Bank and Bangladesh Commerce Bank.

Sirajuddin succeeded economist Dr Abul Barkat whose second-term expired on September 7.
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