2nd nuclear power plant in Khulna

2nd nuclear power plant in Khulna

September 18, 2014     Published Time : 16:53:27

Government has taken decision to establish country’s second nuclear power plant in its south-western region.

“Khulna’s Labanchara has primarily been selected for the plant,” said Yeafesh Osman, state minister for science and technology.

He told that the Chinese government has shown their interest in this proposed power plant.

They want to provide technical and financial supports, the minister added.

He further said that though the establishment of the plant will be expensive but it is expected that the cost will be recovered by 15 years. Then it will be profitable as well as a blessing for the country.

Since it is a longer process to establish a nuclear power plant, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already ordered authorities concerned to start feasibility study for the second plant after Ruppoor, he added.

Mentioning Bangladesh to be the 32nd nuclear country, Yeafesh opined, all obstacles have been removed. Now, Bangladesh will march forward by opening the chapters of glory.

According to the minister, after the operation of Ruppoor nuclear power plant, Bangladesh will be the 19th nuclear power producing country and after the operation of the second plant its position will be 16 in the world.

Neighboring India is currently the 15th nuclear power producing country while China is considered as the eighth.
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