Demise of a great media personality

Posted by on June 08, 2014 , 17:31:06

The news of sudden expiry of Mahbub Alam was shocking since I have lost a dear friend and the nation lost an illustrated son of the soil. The media world too suffered a setback to get the prudent way of reporting at a critical stage of national crisis. He was a guide for juniors with his experience and integrity.

We found in him a most capable person to tackle the media in a very articulate manner during his tenure as an adviser to the caretaker government during 2006 to 2007. People throughout the country appreciated his way of disseminating information to different media. When people were very much in confusion about the fate of general election and repeatedly asking us about the future, it was Mahbub Bhai who informed the people about “light at the end of the tunnel”. He was never pessimistic and tried his best to restore democracy through free and fair election.

When four of our cabinet colleagues resigned on 11 December, 2006, Mahbub Bhai in a cabinet meeting in the afternoon on the same day  prompted to depute me to approach personally to four of them to  come back to the cabinet and take steps combined to conduct the  election. I was asked by the president and the chief adviser to approach four of them visiting their houses personally. Anyway, it eventually did not happen because there were many slips between cups and lips.

Late Mahbub Bhai was out and out a person with neutrality in attitude, impartial in his judgment and honest in dealings and feelings. He was very vocal to restore integrity while opposing all types of discrimination to uphold human rights and restore the voice of the people. In the editorial of daily Independent, he used to emphasis on issues relating to national pride and identify challenges to overcome hurdles on way to socio-economic development.

Mahbub Bhai was a diplomat in his lifetime with wide reputation for his performance. He was very popular for his manner and articulation in negotiation to uphold the interest of the nation at any cost. I have not heard any one critical of Mahbub Bhai for his activities or personal integrity.

We have also lost a person popular in the media world with his working experience in the Dawn at Karachi. He was a guide and visionary personality during many critical events of the nation.

He had an intention to write a book on his memoirs especially as journalist and also on events he encountered during the caretaker government where he was an important adviser and acted as a spokesman of the government. He asked me to begin with and discuss with him after he relinquished the charge of the Editor. I am sorry to say that will not happen at all in his absence.

Mahbub Bhai left us for good but he will remain in our memory for ever and in the history of Bangladesh.